November 21, 2012

Amazing and weird random facts

At the very beginning of this post (so that no one can accuse me of plagiarism) a very important note: I got this list of random amazing, weird and useless facts (at least some of them) listed bellow from some old post posted by user "thunderstorm" on Senserely website (basically it was an AdSense "revenue sharing" community of bloggers) on which I've posted quite a few blogs posts from 24.08.2006 to 29.09.2008 (69 posts in total to be precise) and a few so-called "book entries".

November 8, 2012

An introductory first post

After (re)finding out today that I already have an existing profile on Blogger (basically I've created it just to be able to post comments on our college's blog) I just couldn't resist and so I've created yet another blog. :)

As you can see I gave it a title "Tadej Persic's Blogger" to be somehow similar to my Tadej Persic's Posterous blog on Posterous (which is also relatively new). And now I will make a similar introduction as on Posterous blog (see this post).