November 8, 2012

An introductory first post

After (re)finding out today that I already have an existing profile on Blogger (basically I've created it just to be able to post comments on our college's blog) I just couldn't resist and so I've created yet another blog. :)

As you can see I gave it a title "Tadej Persic's Blogger" to be somehow similar to my Tadej Persic's Posterous blog on Posterous (which is also relatively new). And now I will make a similar introduction as on Posterous blog (see this post).

You see, I was a bit reluctant to start blogging again (and probably I won't post new stuff very often) since I was already involved in blogosphere from 2005 to 2008/2009 but then I simply lost all the interest. I simply need to mention my blog Tadej: spletne objave on Sopca (in slovenian language) that was quite popular back then.

So for the conclusion of this very first entry on this blog here's a link: to my user profile on Technorati listing all my "claimed" blogs and a link: to my user page on NetworkedBlogs listing the blogs I follow and the last few entries on my slovenian blog mentioned above.

And that's it for now. I do plan to post a new entry now and then (at least once per month), but hopefully more often than that.

Greetings from Slovenia, Tadej P.

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