June 15, 2013

Just a short verification post


Since I just discovered that this blog of mine on Blogger is not yet labeled as "claimed" on Technorati website (see here: http://technorati.com/people/tadej for my personal profile page and my already claimed blogs), I needed to create a post containing a unique code that you can see at the top of the post to verify that I am actually an author of this blog.

The description on Technorati's "Claim Status" page reads as follows:
Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the blog by looking for a unique code. Please put the following short code 5HQRRATJ69VV within a new blog post and publish it. This code must appear in the published post and it must also appear in your corresponding RSS feed once published. Once it is published, use the "Verify Claim Token" button on this page to tell Technorati your blog is ready for Technorati to verify the claim token and proceed to final review.
For the moment that's all there is (nothing interesting really, just one boring "verification code"), but you can expect more posts (meaning being posted more often!) in the near future since (sadly) Posterous (my blog there was Tadej Persic's Posterous) was acquired by Twitter (and if it's not already it will soon not be accessible anymore), and so now this is my main and only blog in English language.

Best regards from Slovenia, Tadej P.

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